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Appraisals Expert stands at the forefront of AI-driven valuation, offering specialized and thorough appraisal services for a diverse range of personal property assets. This includes the assessment of art, jewelry, antiques, NFTs, and various digital assets. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology blended with the depth of human insight, our firm brings over three decades of expertise to the table. Our adept appraisers are committed to delivering trusted evaluations, rooted in current market trends and extensive real-world knowledge. Catering to a wide array of clients, we extend our services to financial institutions, legal entities, insurance companies, and individual collectors, ensuring precision and reliability in every appraisal

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Our appraisal process comprises a rigorous process of implementing quantitative and qualitative tools and experience across all personal property market segments to provide insightful valuation metrics customized to assist your specific needs. For each client we have the pleasure of working with, we complete tasks quickly and strive to provide superior service.

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Please send us photos and details about your property, including the item measurements, via email.

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Clients receive a digital PDF of their appraisal upon delivery and a hard copy document upon request. Once an appraisal has been delivered, we will be delighted to discuss the findings in further detail and provide additional solutions if needed.

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Our company comprises appraisal experts well-versed in the nuances of the market and the valuation of art, collectibles, antiques, and general personal property, as well as experience in how personal property valuation relates to financial markets, clients’ portfolios, estates, or trusts.

Receive a PDF certificate and online record of all your appraisals.

Our PDF appraisal certificates function as a digital appraisal, a useful method of keeping your appraising records, assisting you in recalling evaluations quickly from any preferred time period from any location where you have internet access. This user-friendly service is suitable for clients seeking higher standards of service since it ensures records protection while protecting them from unauthorized access without compromising integrity.

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