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Our antique appraisal services are offered to those looking to gain insight into their antiques’ value and understand the market for their personal property. Each antique object has unique qualities that must be considered to determine a fair market value, so this form of evaluation demands a highly trained eye and knowledge of many different types of antiques, including antiques from around the world, Chinese antiques, Japanese antiques, French and European antiques, American antiques and Southeast Asian Antiques. Our antique appraisals are based on cutting-edge analytics, sophisticated algorithms, and decades of real-world experience.

Antique Appraisals Online

Online antique appraisals are a type of appraisal conducted online rather than in person. To conduct an online antique appraisal, the appraiser will typically request photographs, descriptions of the appraised items, and any relevant documentation, such as receipts or sales records. The appraiser will then use this information to determine the value of the items, using methods such as comparing the items to similar ones that have recently sold or reviewing market trends. One advantage of online antique appraisals is that they can be more convenient and cost-effective than in-person appraisals, as they do not require the appraiser to visit the property physically.

Antique Appraisers Near Me

Antique appraisers can be tricky to come by, but with Appraisals Expert’s antique appraiser near me service, it has never been easier. Our expert antique appraisers have the knowledge to offer you accurate appraisals quickly and easily. Whether you are looking for information on rare collectibles or heirlooms passed down through generations, we have experienced professionals to help you find the information you need and give your antiques an estimated value. Their unparalleled attention to detail ensures that our Antique Appraiser Near Me service is as comprehensive as possible. Our in-person antique appraisal service is conducted by professional appraisers physically examining the items in question. As part of our in-person assessment service, specialists will take pictures of, catalog, and describe your collection. Once information on your antiques has been collected, we spend time researching your antiques at our offices using advanced valuation modeling, global sales data, and real-world experience to value your antiques. To check if we are currently serving your location, please get in touch with us.

Antique Insurance Appraisals

Insurance appraisals for antiques are becoming more important as these collectibles can increase or decrease in value over time. Insurance coverage is necessary to protect against unforeseen damage or to settle a loss claim if the item is stolen or damaged. Insurance appraisals provide accurate estimates on these valuable items and allow for proper coverage. Accurate insurance appraisal figures may increase or decrease over time, providing peace of mind that your antiques are properly insured, and their value can be recouped in case of any unfortunate situations in which they are damaged. Making sure you have an up-to-date insurance appraisal for your precious antiques is smart, as it gives you financial security when in need. We also advise discussing your antique insurance needs with your insurance provider to ensure your policy covers your antiques.

Antique Charitable Donation Appraisals

Donating antiques to charity is a wonderful way of giving back to the community, as donated objects can create interest and attract donations. Not only do antiques have great financial value, but they also provide a unique window into history that can help educate people while providing entertainment. People who donate antiques are making an important and lasting contribution to others by sharing their antique treasures with the world and helping organizations that assist those in need. Whether for an auction to benefit local charities or a donation directly to someone in need, giving away antiques can make a real difference in people’s lives. Donating antiques to a qualified charitable organization can provide a tax advantage by allowing you to claim a tax deduction for the item’s value. The amount of the deduction you can claim depends on several factors, including the type of property you are donating and the property’s value. It is important to note that to claim a tax deduction for a charitable contribution of an antique, you must obtain a professional appraisal of the item’s value and a written receipt from the charity. You should also keep good records, including documentation of the item’s value and other relevant information. It is a good idea to consult with a tax professional or the IRS for more information about claiming a tax deduction for a charitable contribution of an antique. It is important to note that certain rules apply to charitable contributions of antique items, including limitations on the amount of the deduction you can claim and requirements for documentation. As we are not accountants or tax lawyers, before seeking an antique appraisal to make a charitable donation, we always suggest clients speak with their accountant, CPA, or tax attorney first to determine whether this is something you can benefit from.

Appraisals For Antiques

Appraisals for antiques are assessments of the value of an antique item. Antiques are objects that are considered to be of value due to their age, rarity, and historical significance. Appraisals are conducted by professionals who are knowledgeable about antiques and can provide an estimated value of the item based on factors such as its condition, provenance, and rarity. Appraisals can be used for a variety of purposes. An appraisal can provide an owner with a better understanding of the value of their antique and can also help to protect them in the event of loss or damage.

Estate tax Antique Appraisals

Estate tax antique appraisals are an important part of probate and help executors accurately assign value to the estate’s belongings. By providing accurate estimates, beneficiaries can benefit from the exact amounts used to determine the probate settlement. Although probating an estate is necessary for estates with a certain net worth, obtaining accurate figures for antiques and other valuables can be difficult without professionals specializing in estate appraisals. Examining every item and knowing its market value is essential for a fair probate process. Our expert antique appraisers will ensure that beneficiaries get their entitled amount and help make probate proceedings as stress-free as possible.

Market Value Antique Appraisals

Market value appraisals for antiques include a written report outlining the value of your possessions. Market value takes into account the prospective sale price of your antiques to some extent. Before completing a market value antique appraisal, it is advisable to discuss your sale strategy, timing, and goals with us because there are many various sorts of markets in which to sell antiques, and these price points can range greatly.

antique valuations

Many factors can affect an antique’s value, including its age, rarity, condition, provenance, and demand among collectors. To determine the value of an antique, it is best to consult an expert. Our in-house professionals have the knowledge and experience to accurately assess the value of an antique based on these and other factors. There are several steps that an appraiser may take when preparing an antique valuation:

  1. Identify the antique: The appraiser will first identify the antique, including its maker, age, and style. This may involve researching the piece and consulting with experts in the field.
  2. Evaluate the condition: The appraiser will carefully examine the antique to assess its condition. Factors such as damage, repair, and restoration can all affect the value of an antique.
  3. Determine the value: The appraiser will use their knowledge of the antique market and similar pieces that have sold in the past to determine the value of the antique. They may also consider other factors such as rarity, provenance, and demand among collectors.
  4. Provide an appraisal report: The appraiser will typically provide a written appraisal report detailing the antique, its value, and the reasoning behind the valuation.


It is important to note that the value of an antique can vary widely, and different appraisers may come to different conclusions about its value. 

What Is An Antique Appraisal

An antique appraisal is a process of determining the value of an item based on its condition, age, origin, scarcity, demand, and potential use. An antique appraisal is a helpful tool for anyone looking to understand their antiques’ value better. An antique appraisal can also be effective in various other financial circumstances. It is best to discuss the purpose of obtaining an antique appraisal so that your appraiser can properly customize your appraisal for your needs and purposes.

Getting An Appraisal On Antiques

Are you wondering what your antique is worth? Investing in an appraisal could be the answer. An appraisal can help you determine the value of an antique and provide proof of ownership. Knowing the value of an antique is important when it comes to insurance, taxes, or even selling. Keep reading to learn more about getting an appraisal on antiques. When it comes to antique appraisals, there are two types you should know about: verbal and written appraisals. A verbal is typically done for informational only purposes and doesn’t include a written report. This type of appraisal generally takes less time and is less expensive than a written one. A written appraisal, however, will include a written report which needs to be prepared. This type of appraisal is often used for financial or legal tax purposes. It can take up to six weeks for results depending on the complexity of the item being appraised, so plan accordingly if you need it done quickly!

How do antique appraisals Work?

There are two kinds of appraisals—written and verbal. Both rely on current market pricing data and research on the appraised object. Antique appraisals can provide insight into the value of an antique item and its history. During the process we will typically reference similar items and consider current market conditions that could affect its value. After this research has been done, professional documentation is produced in order to document all related information found during the appraisal process, with a so-called statement of value being issued to indicate how much the piece is worth. There are different types of values associated with antique appraisals, so it is ideal to discuss your goals with us so that we can recommend the best type of appraisal for your needs.

reasons for getting An antique appraisal

Getting an antique appraisal is often an important step in accurately determining the value of a particular piece of artwork, furniture, or a collectible item. Moreover, appraisals are especially crucial for estates when determining how to divide inherited goods amongst family members. Doing this without official verification of the items’ value can lead to undue complications down the road. People also have an antique appraisal done for insurance purposes or to understand the value of their when downsizing and are looking to potentially sell their items. Ultimately, obtaining a professional appraisal helps ensure peace of mind that you have made sound financial decisions regarding your antiques.

How do I find out what my antiques are worth

It can be exciting to come across antiques in your home or find them at an auction, but you may be wondering what their value is. If you’re curious about an item’s worth, the best way to get reliable information is by consulting with an expert appraiser for a verbal or written appraisal. Completing research could also help give you a better understanding of the worth of your antique item, including following trends in auctions and seeking out comparative items. Regardless of how you decide to go about it, finding out the value of your antiques can turn into a fun learning experience as well as provide some financial benefits as well.

Will Getting An Antique Appraisal Help Me Sell My Antiques

Generally, the truth is no. Selling antiques and appraising antiques are vastly different in their scope. Getting an antique appraisal will not help you sell your antiques. There are many ways to sell antiques, and each considers its own subset of characteristics and behavior patterns that have a very large margin in their pricing. The results of any antique appraisal will rarely influence knowledgeable buyers, except for jewelry. Such appraisals would then only be conducted as grading appraisals, not pure antique appraisals from companies such as GIA, PSA, or PCSG for gemstones and jewelry, coins or sportscards, and some collectibles. Auction houses rarely consider an appraiser’s findings unless they hire the appraiser, which is rarely done. However, it can be useful to have an antique appraisal done, but only for internal reasons, such as trying to determine what a theoretical range may be for your property based on a variety of subsets based on a hypothetical marketplace or trying to determine how close to a market potential range an auction house estimate is to a theoretically expected market value. The best course of action is to get in touch with us to talk about your objectives and see what we might be able to suggest.

Is there an app to appraise antiques

Whether you’re looking to add unique antique pieces to a collection or trying to discover the value of heirlooms, appraising antiques requires expert knowledge. Sadly, you cannot rely on an app to do this properly. Professional appraisers invest considerable time studying the era and craftsmanship of a piece while considering current market trends and pricing. For those desiring an estimate of their antique’s worth, apps such as Antique Price Guide can be a useful resource but it’s important to remember that these are only rough estimates. Seeking out experienced professionals ensures the accuracy of your appraisal, which is especially important when buying and selling antiques.

Are Online antique appraisals accurate

Online antique appraisals have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering convenience and cost-effective alternatives to traditional appraisers. But how reliable are these services? Without a hands-on examination of the actual piece, it can be difficult for expert appraisers to make accurate assessments with an online appraisal alone. On the other hand, as long as antique estimation experts have enough quality photos and information from owners before making their calculations, then these services can provide useful advice that can be beneficial for the majority of outcomes. As with all types of tangible assets, some types of antiques should not be appraised online, and other types of antiques and related tangible property are suitable for online-only appraisals. The best way to make this determination is to contact us for our evaluation.

Is An Antique Appraisal A Certificate of Authenticity

An appraisal can be defined as a document that outlines an item’s estimated monetary value. While an appraisal might certify the value of an item, it does not guarantee its authenticity. Imposters and counterfeiters have ways to replicate items so they appear to be genuine. An appraiser will attempt to provide accurate information but is limited by knowledge and resources available in the field and during inspection either from photographs or in personal inspection.

Are Antique Appraisals Accurate

In all instances, antique appraisals are subjective opinions of value. While antique appraisals should be based on hard data and analysis is not unusual to find antique appraisals that differ from one another, showing that many appraisers have differing opinions on the value of your antiques and their categorization. Depending on the sort of assessment done, it is also extremely likely to be found that a single item has a wide range of values depending on the type of antique appraisal you are requesting. Unfortunately, only so much can be relied upon for an accurate appraisal, no matter how experienced the appraiser is. With that said, obtaining an antique appraisal is still highly beneficial for assisting anyone involved in dealing with antiques.

How Long Are Antique Appraisals Good For

Antique appraisals represent an educated opinion of the current value and condition of a piece or collection. Generally, they are good for the span of one-five years and should always be updated when the ownership is transferred or any notable changes have occurred. Providing regular updates to your antique appraisal will help guarantee that you are maximizing its accuracy for insurance purposes and reassurance that you are making informed financial decisions regarding your antique possessions. Antiques often come with great sentimental value, which makes it important to defer to experts whenever possible when determining appraisal values. As with all matters regarding antique appraisals, it all depends. The best thing to do with considering having an appraisal renewed is to speak with us about your prior appraisal and why you are considering having it renewed.

Do Antique appraisals have an expiration date?

Antiques often have sentimental value and a great deal of historical importance attached to them; this makes antique appraisals complex and subjective. Most antique appraisers agree that an appraisal is only valid for the point in time at which it is written While antique appraisals don’t expire, they can become outdated and inaccurate. Factors such as market conditions, inflation, and access to inventory may invalidate an antique appraisal over time, among other things. If you want to make sure your antique appraisal is still valid, it can be helpful to consult with us, and we can provide insight into how market conditions and recent events might have impacted their original evaluation. Old antique appraisal techniques rarely relied on big data and analytics. Consider 30 years ago, books were the only way to price antiques, and those prices rarely took into account the many factors that can influence antique pricing. With access to global databases on market pricing, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge algorithms, pricing insights are significantly improved from past decades’ valuations providing more clarity and transparency into the valuation and market potentials of antiques.

What is the best way to get antiques appraised

For those looking to get antiques appraised, seeking out a professional is the best option. A professional is someone who specializes in assessing antiques and understanding their value. The sort of evaluation you require and the eventual goal for having your antiques appraised will determine the best technique to have them valued. There are several justifications for doing an appraisal. These explanations include buying, selling, insurance for estate tax purposes, charitable donation contributions, family division, and plain old curiosity. Online appraisals are also extremely convenient for clients that can provide digital photographs and general information about their antiques, as it can be a cost-effective means of obtaining an antique appraisal.

antique jewelry appraisers near me

Finding a reliable appraiser is crucial if you want your antique jewelry to be valued accurately. Whether it be a long family heirloom necklace or a vintage pair of earrings, finding the right appraiser is essential for anyone interested in accurately determining their worth. Luckily, our experienced and knowledgeable antique jewelry appraisers near me service provide a reliable evaluation of your valuables. If you’re curious about the value of your antique jewelry pieces, why not see what our professionals can tell you? Our jewelry appraisers are all GIA-certified Graduate Gemologists accredited through GIA. Gemological Institute of America.

antique furniture appraisers near me

If you have antique furniture at home and you’re interested in finding out its worth, seeking appraisal services from an experienced professional is your best bet. Our nearby antique furniture appraisers service can provide a detailed appraisal of any piece of furniture in your home, whether it be sofas, beds, tables, chests or anything else. With our expertise and the quality knowledge and resources they bring to the appraisal process, you can easily determine not only the monetary value of your antique furniture but also the sentimental and architectural significance it holds. Using our local appraisal services is a great way to get a more accurate appraisal on your antiques so that you can make more informed decisions regarding their future.

asian antique appraisers near me

Finding reliable appraisal services is essential when it comes to assessing the value of an antique, so if you’re looking for an appraisal of Asian artifacts and antiques, consider our Asian antique appraiser nearby service. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of these objects can make all the difference in both properly valuing and preserving any unique antiques that you may have in your collection. While the appraisal process itself can take a bit of time, it’s worth it to understand the true monetary value or purpose behind each item.

How much does it cost to appraise an antique

The cost of an antique appraisal can vary widely and often depends on the complexity of the appraisal, the method in which the property is being appraised (online or in person), and the number of items included in the appraisal document. Typically an antique appraisal can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars or more, with larger, in-person appraisals requiring the greatest investment.

How Long Does Antique Appraisal Take To Complete

The time it takes to complete an antique appraisal can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the assets being appraised and the type of insurance appraisal performed (online or in-person). Here are some factors that can affect the timeline for an antique appraisal:

  1. Scope of the appraisal: If the appraisal covers a large number of assets or if the assets are particularly complex, it may take longer to complete the appraisal.
  2. Access to the assets: The appraiser will need to physically inspect the assets being appraised in the event of an in-person appraisal, which can take time depending on the appraiser’s schedule and the availability of the assets. Online appraisals can shorten this time, depending on the availability of the client.
  3. Information gathering: The appraiser may need to gather additional information about the appraised assets, such as sales data or market trends, which can add time to the appraisal process.
  4. Review and evaluation: The appraiser will need to carefully review and evaluate all of the information gathered during the appraisal process, which can take time.

Generally, an antique appraisal can take a few weeks to several months, depending on the above factors. 

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